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I use dear to integrate to both Shoify and ShipStation. Both of those platforms offer a field for the customs export code, in Shopify it's call an HS Tarrif Code and in ShipStation a Harmonization code. It would be nice to have this field added to the products in Dear and allow it sync between the two (and maybe more) platforms.

Please add the country or origin of product too.

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  • Thank you for the tip Ben.

    That is all useful for your specific use but cannot work for my case and others'.

    Unless Dear properly recognises HS Codes, they cannot be synced with Shopify and our fulfilment centre, for example.

    Good luck to us convincing Dear that this is important.

  • We really need this information post-Brexit and for it to integrate with Shiptheory.

  • hahahaha .... and just when we thought things couldn't get worse .... Brexit. 

    At the start of January I was putting fires out left, right and centre. Calling suppliers asking where and if they sent our drop-shipped PO's, then only to find the stuff that actually does get through customs because they have used the correct paperwork (the consignment invoice) to our customer has our cost prices all over it ... frickin A supplier, why would you think that wouldn't be a problem? Now I feel like the whole house is a blaze and I'm running around with a water pistol. 

    I will say this, if it weren't for Dear I would have jumped off a bridge by now - with the backordering and reorder backorders function, now drop-shipping is no longer an option, having come from mostly paper and sage line 50. 

    Dear please consider this, I get that you can use custom attributes which I prepped in December but it really should be included as part of an ERP system.

  • Please please please please do it DEAR!
  • Is there any update as to whether this is being developed? If we upload via CSV to Shopify, we then lose the item link with DEAR as it changes the identifier so we would currently have to go in to every single SKU to put this information in... as DEAR will push the weight of items, would it be so difficult to push the commodity code and country of origin too? All this information is on the DEAR inventory upload... PLEASE PLEASE advise if this feature will be coming soon

  • We are using additional attributes also, but a standard field would be much better

  • Shipstation & Shopify sync HS codes but not dear.  Please dear get on this.

  • DEAR please map the shopify Country of origin and HS (Harmonized System) code into the DEAR platform. 4 Years since topic open !  

  • Agree with William!  HS Codes are critical for international shipping.  If DEAR wants to be an international platform it needs to have COO and HS implemented immediately!

    Integrate it with Shopify as Shopify already supports this information!  Let's gooo!

  • Yes, come on DEAR - please let us know that you are on to this request :)

  •  What feels like every Sunday while using Dear I get the red bar at the top advising that the system is being upgraded and things could get a little weird. Every time I read this I think "are they going to fix the multitude of issues/bugs/not fully thought out existing features this time round and especially this HS Code issue?"  Basic, Basic stuff for a platform like this but no. It's been years of this... All the effort is being put into expanding feature sets out into areas I have no interest in. I presume Dear is chasing a different kind of customer with more upmarket/seriously corporate needs. All I want Dear to do is fix stuff that is broken, implement these relatively small features that are crucial to a system that claims to do what it does. Clearly Dear focuses light on an area for a moment and ignores everything else. Mental image wise I imagine a single torch in a coal mine. Endless tunnels, one torch. Shines for a moment on one thing. Works on that one thing. Runs out of allotted time and moves on before the thing is fixed and polished. The light moves on and that thing is never rediscovered. I move between Shopify and Dear a lot and the quality of the software is so different. I wish Dear was more like Shopify. Every interaction is polished. What you need is there. I am not even aware of a single bug in Shopify while I encounter them daily with Dear. I could go on but I need to do some work and venting like this is only making me angrier.   :-(   Have a good day all you believers in the HS fairy.

  • What Mark says above rings completely true. We have a list of a dozen or so monthly tasks that deal with fixing Dear bugs every month. Just a routine now.

    And Dear tech support is just infuriatingly bad. First, they don't pay attention to what they are reading. Second, they ALWAYS just state what they think the problem is and NEVER volunteer a solution. It's ridiculous by now because I know the pattern and I know exactly what to expect.

    I feel trapped in their system honestly. We have many sales channels and need to sync with tax software for quarterly VAT returns so it will be a highly stressful couple of months if we tried to switch to another service. But every month I regret not putting the work to get out of their system.

    I don't remember ever being so disappointed with software.

  • Still waiting for commodity code and country of origin fields to be added.  Please do this Dear! It would be SO helpful for shipping.

  • I’m the original creator of the topic and also still waiting after 4 years! All systems we integrate with support this, mainly Shopify, shipstation and Amazon. Why can Dear not add this one data field to a products and have it sync over? It actually sounds really simple compared to all the other modifications and improvements Dear has made over the last 4 years!
  • As DEAR target markets larger high volume Shopify Ecommerce customers especially those who have warehouses in Australia and many countries, there is a growing need for DEAR to have more mappable fields as part of it's native DEAR<>Shopify Integration listing.  The biggest gap is the Country of Origin and Harmonisation Code

    Given these fields are used accross many Ecommerce and Marketplaces, it would make sense for DEAR to build this into their product and have it as an optional field to sync at Listing. At present, the workaround is to import separately using Matrixify (starting $50 USD per month) or potentially use DataBot (DEAR API and data exchange provider).  If not already using these tools/service it can be considered quite costly.

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