HS Tarrif / Harmonization Code

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I use dear to integrate to both Shoify and ShipStation. Both of those platforms offer a field for the customs export code, in Shopify it's call an HS Tarrif Code and in ShipStation a Harmonization code. It would be nice to have this field added to the products in Dear and allow it sync between the two (and maybe more) platforms.

Please add the country or origin of product too.

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  • Thank you for the tip Ben.

    That is all useful for your specific use but cannot work for my case and others'.

    Unless Dear properly recognises HS Codes, they cannot be synced with Shopify and our fulfilment centre, for example.

    Good luck to us convincing Dear that this is important.

  • We really need this information post-Brexit and for it to integrate with Shiptheory.

  • hahahaha .... and just when we thought things couldn't get worse .... Brexit. 

    At the start of January I was putting fires out left, right and centre. Calling suppliers asking where and if they sent our drop-shipped PO's, then only to find the stuff that actually does get through customs because they have used the correct paperwork (the consignment invoice) to our customer has our cost prices all over it ... frickin A supplier, why would you think that wouldn't be a problem? Now I feel like the whole house is a blaze and I'm running around with a water pistol. 

    I will say this, if it weren't for Dear I would have jumped off a bridge by now - with the backordering and reorder backorders function, now drop-shipping is no longer an option, having come from mostly paper and sage line 50. 

    Dear please consider this, I get that you can use custom attributes which I prepped in December but it really should be included as part of an ERP system.

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19 people like this idea
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