HS Tarrif / Harmonization Code

I use dear to integrate to both Shoify and ShipStation. Both of those platforms offer a field for the customs export code, in Shopify it's call an HS Tarrif Code and in ShipStation a Harmonization code. It would be nice to have this field added to the products in Dear and allow it sync between the two (and maybe more) platforms.

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  • Hi DEAR team,

    I'd like to second this request.

    Actually, because of a change in legislation, Royal Mail in the UK will start mandating pushing more data for each shipment shipped with Royal Mail, starting January 2018.

    The HS Tarrif code will be one of the data demanded by Royal Mail.

    So please consider adding this field for all products. Shopify already has it implemented.

    Many thanks!

  • That's a good hack but it would be better if the system had a dedicated field that synced with Shopify and ShipStation. Both of those services have supported HS codes for years!

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  • We considered Additional Attributes as well, so we can add the data in customs invoices.

    But that won't work for integrations like Shopify and Shipstation.

    I think that DEAR will have to add the HS codes at some point since they start being demanded by couriers.

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