Would like to have channel allocation feature to control inventory quantity pushed to channels

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I came from using Skubana and while I believe Dear is a superior solutions, there's only one feature that I really miss. They had a channel allocation feature so we can control how much inventory quantity we can push to a channel. 

This especially holds true for channels like eBay that have selling limits. For example, if I have $500K worth of inventory in Dear and I can only sell $100K on eBay, it causes problems with Dear. I've been having issues in overselling and not having items that are actually available on eBay.

Please see below for the utilization of how Skubana had implemented it. This would be huge and would enable our team to scale our eBay sales rather than having software obstruct the growth on a big ecommerce channel. 

Would appreciate if the support team can look at this! Otherwise I love Dear and how powerful it is.

'By setting up Channel Allocations for your products, you can tell how much of your available stock to show in each of your sales channels.

This is not only a great way to avoid overselling, but also a great way to give customers a sense of urgency to buy. Strategically limiting the available quantity can create a perception of scarcity, causing the customer to buy now.'

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