Export of Sales Orders with Bill Of Materials

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Each day we export our sales orders to our 3PL for pick, pack and shipping. 

The problem we have is many of our SKU's are made of up multiple sub SKU's. We use the BOM feature of DEAR to manage our stock which works well.

What we find painful is that our daily exports can't pull the BOM list into the export file which is ultimately what the 3PL warehouse needs to pick and send our orders. e.g. table that customer buys is SKU: TAB, but this item ships in 3 boxes, SKU: TAB1, TAB2, TAB3

When we export this sale to our 3PL they get the SKU: TAB which means nothing to them.

If our 3PL also used DEAR this might be easy to solve however they have their own software and are never going to change as every client uses a different system.

Surely this is a common issue for others? any work arounds? come on DEAR can you code this simple function?

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  • How is there only two people looking for this solution, what is everyone else doing?

  • No update from anyone on this? We've just started using BOM to simplify our package products but it's create a lot of room for error in the 3PL export.

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2 people like this idea
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