Allocate on-hand materials for ordered items with a BOM

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We assemble a finished product from many components we purchase from multiple sources. The finished product has a build of materials (BOM) made up of these components. For many products, basic components are shared. 

Specifically, we produce grooming products. So in this instance, we have a dozen products that share a common particular bottle size and color.

Assuming all components are on-hand, DEAR allows us to see how many of any given product can be assembled currently. The issue comes with when components are out of stock, etc.


Let us say I'm placing a PO with my contract manufacturer for one product's contents. It takes six weeks to complete making the raw ingredients into a finished... Ummm, let's use shampoo. This shampoo takes one cap, one bottle, one label, and one mix of shampoo to complete a unit.

Now our face wash uses the same basic components except for the actual wash and label. I need to order that PO from a different contract manufacturer.

At this level, it's easy to see that there are enough bottles and caps in stock to cover this, but DEAR can't allocate them until the time of assembly, and that can be weeks later. With multiple people placing POs for different items thinking there's enough component stock for production, we are starting to have major problems with multiple POs placed that expect to use the same items at the time of receiving and assembly.


System option to allocate a SKU's BOM components in inventory within DEAR when a PO or Backorder is placed for that good.

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  • In general, it would be great to see DEAR improve its build to fulfill sale orders functionality.  In my experience, DEAR is good when doing production of widgets where you are making lots of widgets and selling and fulfilling orders with those widgets available in stock.  What DEAR is less good at it is planning and doing production based on multiple existing orders for which finished good need to be produced.  You can do it, DEAR is just not as purpose built for it.

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