Retrieve DEAR backend Sale Orders/Invoices on DEAR POS

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Workflow here is that we may create a Sale Order in the backend of DEAR for a repair that is to be done for our customer. This is not done through POS.

Customer then comes in to pick up their repair job, and wants to pay their bill. Instead of having to go back into the DEAR backend, DEAR POS should have some sort of mechanism by which it can retrieve any Sale Order/Invoice from the backend with the purposes of applying a payment/completing a sale via POS interface. This makes it infinitely easier at front counter to quickly process the customers payment.

Suggest this should be a global setting in DEAR so a business can turn this feature on or off. 

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  • Interesting idea.  The option exists for B2B Portal customers to see orders which were not done via the B2B portal.  This is a similar idea.

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5 people like this idea
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