Custom currency exchange vs automatic currency exchange rate for Suppliers

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There are some instances where suppliers and the organisation will have contract agreements to hedge currency. 

It is great the currency exchange rate can be overridden when the purchase order is raised to honour a different exchange rate as part of the purchase.

Would it be possible to add a feature that enables a set currency exchange rate to be saved against a supplier for a period of time or permanently? This would coincide with any contractual agreements with the supplier.  

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  • I support this escpecially as we hedge and set a rate for 12 months and integrate with Xero.  Xero allows the setting of an exchange rate but DEAR doesn't, this results in inconsistency and having to change every single transaction to ensure that the exchange rate matches our set rate.  It is a non value adding activity that isn't necessary....


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5 people like this idea
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