Be able to view stock on hand from Product Page

I would like to be able to to view stock on hand of a SKU from the Product Page, without having to go back to Availability in the inventory main menu and re-enter the SKU.

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  • Second this!

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  • yes I can't believe this isn't currently available, seems to obvious, having to go to product availability every time is painful

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  • YES!, why this isn't standard is beyond me. 

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  • Definitely required.. we used to be on Unleashed which had the ability to view Stock Availability within the Products view page, much easier & less clumsy.

  • Being brand new to Dear I think this is probably our biggest frustration at this stage.  Another option is to add the product attribute fields etc to the product availability view page.  I do like the idea however of seeing stock on hand on the products view as well.

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