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Dear Systems,

Please see below items mentioned by a user. Would be good to add them to the system.

  • Report - Landed Cost without having to adjust date range. In the PO reports you need to adjust the time frame to include any Landed Cost invoices generated for each PO so that it shows it with the overall cost of purchase. i.e. if  they bought something on 15/3 and Freight invoice arrives on 15/4 and the time frame in the report is set for March it will not include the cost of the freight. It would be a good idea to have the information tied to the PO, not the time frame, at least in these reports of purchase cost.
  • Accounting view - add filter for overdue invoices. In the Sales View All screen in the Accounting View there is no subfilter for Overdue invoices as there is in the All Purchases screen. Can this be added? Can prove useful for users to be able to see this and hence email customers instead of having to manually click all overdue (which are shown in red).
  • Reports - add date parameter to header when exporting. When you export a report out it does not show the time frame it represents. Can this be added somehow or would it have to be changed across the board for all reports?


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  • Appreciate if guys can provide report for Stock Turn (forecasting), Monthly Report By Stock Movement By Brand/Supplier By Period

  • Is there anyone else that would like to see the RRP when entering Purchase orders/invoice?

  • In our system settings we have the date format as MM/dd/yyyy - typical US settings.  However, when I look at various reports (Sales, Inventory, Purchase Orders etc) the date format is dd/mmm/yyyy.

    Today is July 16 2021.  That should report as 07/16/2021.  However when viewing reports and exports, it shows as 16-JUL-2021.   The format has been rearranged AND the / have been changed to -

    16-JUL-2021 doesn't sort or pivot in Excel.  I should not have to write a formula to change the date so I can use the data from DEAR for analysis. 

    Please have all the dates match what we have defined in our system settings!

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26 people like this idea
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