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Dear Systems,

Please see below items mentioned by a user. Would be good to add them to the system.

  • Report - Landed Cost without having to adjust date range. In the PO reports you need to adjust the time frame to include any Landed Cost invoices generated for each PO so that it shows it with the overall cost of purchase. i.e. if  they bought something on 15/3 and Freight invoice arrives on 15/4 and the time frame in the report is set for March it will not include the cost of the freight. It would be a good idea to have the information tied to the PO, not the time frame, at least in these reports of purchase cost.
  • Accounting view - add filter for overdue invoices. In the Sales View All screen in the Accounting View there is no subfilter for Overdue invoices as there is in the All Purchases screen. Can this be added? Can prove useful for users to be able to see this and hence email customers instead of having to manually click all overdue (which are shown in red).
  • Reports - add date parameter to header when exporting. When you export a report out it does not show the time frame it represents. Can this be added somehow or would it have to be changed across the board for all reports?


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  • Moved to it's own request

  • Came up with another idea

    Add SKU so people can enter the SKU rather than it doing a global search on product.

    If you use PRODUCT NAME you get lots of "KY" when all we want is the SKU "KY"

    It should be able to be turned ON /OFF like TAX RULE or UNIT

  • Hi, I am confused. Does this mean that the SKU issue is being PLANNED to be fixed?

  • I would like to add a field "last order date" to my customer list page so I can see how long it has been since a customer has placed an order. That way I can contact customers who have not ordered for a while and find out if there are any issues.

    Also, I think it would be good to have the option of adding the field "available stock" to the products page because then I don't have to go into the individual product to check what the stock on hand is.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Any update on this request.  I can't see it being that hard.  Add the option here for SKU to be selected

    This could be in the PURCHASE ORDER screens and in the POS App too.

    As you are working on improving the SALES 


  • it is not really a NEW FEATURE but an improvement to an existing function. See the attached screen, I need SKU as an option in the SALES and PURUCHASE screens where stock is entered. There may be other parts that this needs to be added but it's the SALE data entry function which is very slow for us as we know all our SKU's by heart and don't need the global search function

    sku option.png
    (77.4 KB)
  • Hi

    Something our warehouse team finds annoying is not being able to see which SO are available to ship after stock is received.

    Unfortunately it appears that the sales view shows the "Backordered" message, but not that the order can now be fulfilled.

    Would be great to add this in, or a report which shows orders that can be filled.

  •  In the sales view (and purchases also) when orders are partially processed, one has to either open the SO or hover over the icons to be able to tell if it is simply unfulfilled or partly fulfilled.

    Surely it would not be difficult to change the orange icons to being partly green, or a completely different colour to show there is some action, but not completed

  • We, as I am sure others do also, sometimes need to return goods to the supplier, either for credit or replacement.

    We need to be able to raise a credit note with the supplier much like we do when we raise one for a sale.

    I have been told that this feature would need to be added, but I simply don't understand why we can't make this work in the purchase order credit section

  • I would like to see decimal place increased to ten ex. .0000000001 - this would help with rounding issues when trying to enter invoices for product received when units of measure don't match.

    I would like to see the comments field limitation lifted or increased to at least 512k from the current restriction.  This would allow us to enter precise instructions without an attachment.

  • I agree with Tony on his few points

    1. We would benefit from being able to see when orders can transition from backordered to Able to be Picked
    2. We also need to see what items are not yet picked in an order (ticket 195939)
    3. We frequently return items to the seller, either for a replacement or refund. Please see the Warranty Items / Reverse supply chain flowthrough thread

  • Can someone please see what can be done about adding options to insert and clone lines on DEAR?


    We often have to amend quotes without changing the actual order of the quote (as the order of the items on the quote often needs to match the order of external documentation). Since we can only enter the new lines to the bottom of the quote, we then have to manually drag them up to the position they should be in which is very unintuitive and time consuming, especially on quotes with 50-plus lines. This would easily be fixed by adding an option to insert lines as we’d be able to enter the line in the exact position it needs to be.


    Also, an option to clone lines (even if they are cloned to the bottom line of the quote) would be extremely helpful as manually copy / pasting codes and entering qtys and costing is again, very unintuitive and an unnecessary cost on time.


    These two options are a pretty basic UI staple which I’m kind of surprised are not already being implemented as they were on all other ERP systems I have used in the past. 

  • two separate suggestions I find may be useful for all users:

    1) What would be helpful is for us to be able to see what attachments are uploaded on the Purchase main screen (see status, order #, order date, supplier, and document #).  Would it be possible to add another column next to document # and show all files that have been uploaded?

    2) Is there a way to be able to toggle between units - the metric system and the imperial system?  More specifically between lbs and kg?

  • Would love a way to be able to check/select multiple orders in the Sales screen - I know you can check the top check box and it will do the entire page but if you just wanted to select say 30 orders is there a quick way to do this? You can usually click one and then hold down the shift key and click the final one and it selects everything in between.

  • Hi, we use advanced sales for all of our sales. Currently no matter how much of the order has been sent out through multiple fullfilments, the value of the order on the sales screenis still the full value of the initial order. I would like to request a second column that has the $ value of the outstanding stock still waiting to be sent out. This would make it much easier to quickly look aver without having to open every single sales order.

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