Option to pack items in 1 package if different bin locations

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A change on the latest update is causing us real problems and I feel it would be really helpful to have an option to be able to change how the pack function on a sales order works, it used to pack all items in to 1 package and allowed you to change it if there were more than 1 box but now it puts every item in a different bin location in a separate box meaning my stores department have to manually change every single line to show everything in one package (our parts are usually small and fit in 1 box).

I think it would be very useful to have the option to not split each item in to 1 package. 

Hope you can help.


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  • We had numerous clients coming back to us since this update was released flagging the same issue. Manually updating the package number for items being picked from different bins (but within the same warehouse location) is creating more manual tasks for fulfillment.

    A suggestion for the "Pack" module would be to allow the consolidation of multiple picked items into the one package. So, perhaps have a button on the "Pack" screen, eg "Consolidate" that allows the allocation of all items to a single package.

    If "Packing" is automatic in DEAR, sometimes sending the order down to a shipping service such as Shippit or Shipstation, this can create unwanted multiple parcels flowing down to these systems as well. Then, the user has to update the parcels either in DEAR or in the logistics system.


    Christine Lee

    Coconut Consulting | DEAR Expert Partner

    Melbourne, Australia

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5 people like this idea
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