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Right then... just had an upgrade and now are forced into using advanced purchase feature. 

Our situation is a PO we make is often received before the invoice and often fulfilled from more than one warehouse. In the standard purchase we would partially receive an order, clone and keep the PO number. The cloned PO would populate with what hadn't been received. Now we can't keep the PO number and the clone is the whole order including what's already received.

Apparently advanced purchase handles this. (Can't find any tutorials on advanced purchase.) However now advanced purchase has lost the invoice first (or not) feature. Why would "advanced" be less advanced?? It is insisting we enter the invoice first. We can't do this as don't have it, we need to receive as clients are waiting for the product.


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  • I fully support Matthew's post above... I haven't tested it yet, but will be unhappy if the above is correct... we often receive goods prior to the invoice being received.


  • I have received an email from support saying

    "The issue has been identified regarding the invoicing on Advanced Purchase, we will let you know once fix is out."

    Lets hope the fix is quick.

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  • We have also discovered if an order is partially received in purchases and then converted to an advance purchase we can then do multiple receives prior to the invoice being entered. But if we convert before the first receive we can’t receive anything until invoice is entered.

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  • Advanced features doesn't work. I have sent several emails to DEAR about this and have now requested a phone call.

    you can't copy items rec'd to stock across to Invoice and then I find you can't authorise invoice if they don't match what is rec'd  if you have rec'd different qtys of stock  on two dates.

    Please roll back until you have this fixed

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  • We are also experiencing issues with this. In addition to the issues mentioned above: 

    1. Ability to "Stock First" or "Receive" prior to invoice 

    We are also noticing there is no easy way to download a purchase order that consists only of items not yet invoiced or received. For example previously we would just clone to another PO (with the same PO Number) and we could always re-send that to a vendor so that they know what we're still expecting. As of now the only way I can see to do that is if I actually generate a "Fake" invoice of the "Remaining Items" this is very clunky and has the potential to cause serious workflow / accounting issues. 

    There is also the issue of wanting to simply disregard a partially filled PO. For example some of our vendors do not keep track of POs very well. So for them we just invoice and receive whatever is filled from a PO and then we do NOT clone it. This way when we generate a "Reorder" those products will show up on the new PO we're doing. I am thinking that the "Mark as Received" button might accomplish this but the wording is troublesome as I definitely don't want to be "Receiving" product that I didn't actually get. 

    I can see that the advanced purchases module has promise but I really wish some of these things had been worked out prior to rolling it out to all users. 

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  • Also having issues with "Stock First" in advanced. There is little to no advantage for our workflow to move to the Advanced Purchase Module and we're a bit perturbed that this change was made. Particularly since there was no notice. Just one day I go to receive and the entire way I do things has changed. It's development 101, don't remove features unless you're sure the replacement is 100% functional and is better than what it replaces. Remove complexity rather than adding it, especially if the simpler way is working well. Or, why not have both?

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  • I too agree with all of the above.  Seems like a retrograde move to force users into an "advanced feature" that is less so than the basic.  Especially given that there is not support module or training of support staff in the advanced feature.

    I have a PO that has been receipted and invoiced over multiple deliveries.  I have reflected this in an "advanced purchase", however I can not close this purchase as my supplier supplied slightly less than the PO.  

    Solution from support was to "still invoice the items and just process a credit note and restock the items, or you could choose to undo so that you could edit the PO and then remove the product lines that are not to be delivered anymore."  I cant undo as I have used some items already in production and seems pretty retrograde advise to have to fake a receive just to close a PO.

    Please help or amend your program - this is very frustrating.

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  • New issue now. Have found we can part receive in normal purchase then receive again after converting. However three new issues discovered:

    1. We can't receive twice on the same day. Need to put a fake day in.

    2. If an invoice is entered against the partially received product then when wetry to receive the remainder we can't. It tells us it can only be copied from invoice. So we are stuck with the original problem of not being able to receive before an invoice is with us.

    3. If we get two received and both done and then get two invoices we can't enter an invoice against each receive. Have to do one combined invoice.

    Fix please or roll back so advance purchase not required.

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