What solutions are you using for a barcode scanner for DEAR POS on iPad?

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What are people using as a barcode scanner when using the DEAR POS on an iPad?  I am thinking specifically about a retail situation where you are quickly checking out customers by scanning the barcode on the product(s) into the DEAR POS on an iPad as well as also sometimes entering the customer name in DEAR and then finishing the cashier checkout process (quickly).

Also, are people using an external keyboard to get around the following issue mentioned in the DEAR POS documentation (see below)?  It is a non-starter to only be able to use a barcode scanner or the iPad on-screen keyboard, but not both.

NOTE: iPad keyboard will be disabled when your device detects another device that acts as a hardware keyboard (most barcode scanners are detected as hardware keyboards). If you want to use your scanner together with the device keyboard you need to switch the Enable software keyboard option in the Scanner setup page.

  • Given that the DEAR WMS solution works with Android only for now, i would suggest to explore Android devices instead for barcode scanner compatibility

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