Set a Shipping Address per location

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Is it possible to assign a Shipping address to each locations? Currently we still need to choose from the drop down list the shipping address.

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  • In addition to this, we can now set an address for each of the locations however this doesn't have any impact anywhere else in the system. 

    It would be ideal that if an address is set for a location then that address is automatically picked for the below areas, or at least a setting/option that allows us to choose whether the company address or location address is used.

    1. The shipping location for a purchase order

    2. The address for the outlet location within POS

    3. The address for the store location on sales orders

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  • This would be very helpful in PO and save a lot of manual error in PO creation

  • Agree with all of the above.

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3 people like this idea
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