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We need a report that would show the list of items currently in transit for stock transfers.

It might include Date, Stock Transfer number, qty, stock value, Location From and To.

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  • +1 Great idea!

  • I now have a client asking for this.  

    Also see the related feature request: Stock Transfer (by Neha Malhotra).  I have added some thoughts to this feature request about adding reporting to the Product Availability Report in the form of stock transfers being counted in the "On Order" column.

    The new Stock Transfer feature is a great start.  Now businesses need a little reporting to keep track of what is in-transit so that their people are able to keep track of it in a unified view of their stock.


  • Coming back to this again.  The reporting is important.  It is important because when businesses are reconciling their stock at the end of a period (month, year), they sometimes need a count of stock that is in-transit (e.g. on a truck or ship) at the end of the period.  Note that some sea transport takes weeks to complete.  We need a way to see a list of stock in-transit.

    The somewhat ugly and lots-of-extra-work workaround for this is to have a location called In-Transit (or Shipping, At-Sea, etc.), complete Transfer to this locations and then later, when the stock arrives at the destination, to create a new Transfer from the In-Transit location to the final destination location.

    And, it would just be great to have a single report that lists everything that is in-transit as opposed to in a warehouse.



  • This feature is definitely a required part of any simple inventory management system.
    It just it doesn't make any sense to have the items listed as in transit, but not having any ability to report on them.

    We currently have around 2500 items in our inventory listing.
    We also have an active website where all our stock information is pulled from Dear to show live SOH and used via WooCommerce for sales creation.

    Currently the inventory stock level report (which we upload) only has the ability to show SOH, Availability, Allocated and on order. 

    For example we have one product with 147 backorders, 360 of these items are on order with the supplier and only 60 of these actually in transit en route to us this month.
    The remaining 300 is yet to be advised.

    Dear currently has no way of isolating these 60 units show accurately on our WooCommerce site the actual availibility or delivery date of this item.

    What is the purpose of having the ability of marking the items in this way via the purchase order without being able to report on it?


    I can see the "in transit" items within the product availability search, however this is not exportable, rendering it quite useless.

    Please look into this urgently as i'm sure we're not the only ones encountering this issue.

  • I am a new DEAR user in April 2022, the stock in transit is reported BUT is duplicated as stock on order, in other words, the availability screen shows twice same stock quantity as "on order" and "in transit" which causes a lot of confusion and make difficult when pulling a report, product should be either as order or in transit, depending of the status, I will really appreciate DEAR fixing this issue

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