Short Description on products and product families

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It would be great to run a separate short description for product families and products (variants). 

The current functionality of giving the product family the same short description as the first listed variant by default is not ideal. 

Ideally a product family should have its own short description that is not linked to the product short description.


Product Family: Cushions

Short Description: Cotton, firm padding, 30cm x 30cm in dimensions

Product Variant: Velour

Short Description: soft, holds colour, wash with care

Product Variant: Leather

Short Description: easy to maintain, synthetic leather

They are part of the same product family but require different short descriptions. 

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  • I agree, this would be a good function. Not super necessary however, but neat to have to be able to customise it more.

    Product Families are like the Collections, and each product within that family are the variants. 

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2 people like this idea
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