DEAR POS Inventory Synchronisation - Zero SOH level

When inventory level in Dear Inventory = "0" then remove the item from POS on next atomated "synch". 

This eliminates possibility of 'selling' an item that doesn't exist. 

Use case is when the cashier has to manually key in an item due to scanning issues. Incorrectly entering a stock code that is out of stock will not show the item.

It seems like the inventory still shows in POS even though its been sold and no more exist.

  • We have recently started using the POS for our new retail reps and had the exact same problem. Support actually asked me to start a new feature request but I found this thread which is very similar.

    Further to the point. POS needs to also eliminate product availability in the POS if it is allocated. It seems, to us, like a major error in thinking. The reply we got from support was that if the customer or clerk at the till has the item in hand then it MUST be available. This ignores the possibility of the item being allocated due to an online sale or any other channel. 

    However I would add the following;  if the item simply does not appear in POS this could confuse a customer/clerk when it is, in fact, on the shelf only because it has not been pick-pack-shipped. 

    Instead, I would suggest that rather than removing an allocated or not-in-stock item from POS - just do not let you the register to add it to a sale. Then show a pop-up or other type of alert explaining the inventory status for example "that item has 3 On-hand, 3 allocated (to other orders)"

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