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As I understand it, all sale orders in DEAR Inventory are automatically captured by ShipStation. Currently, the only way you can prevent orders from getting imported into ShipStation is by entering something in the tracking number field on Ship tab.  This needs to be done manually.  Also, if there is no shipping address for the order, then it will not be captured by ShipStation.

Examples of no shipping address are POS orders and if daily consolidation is enabled for a sales channel integration (e.g, DEAR POS, Shopify, WooCommerce). These sale orders will not be captured by ShipStation.

I have worked with many businesses that do not want to fulfill their eCommerce orders through DEAR.  They want DEAR to keep track of the stock, do all of the financials, and take advantage of many other things DEAR offers, but they do not want to do fulfillment through DEAR because they are used to ShipStation and like it.  And switching to DEAR for all fulfillment is painful because it slows them down.  They just want their orders to immediately appear in ShipStation, not have to wait for DEAR to process them (hourly), as well as other things that slow them down using DEAR for fulfillment.

For example, below are a couple of examples of integrations desired by customers.  In both cases, they would like their orders to flow separately and directly to both ShipStation and DEAR.  They would like to have only the orders they enter manually into DEAR to go from DEAR to ShipStation.  They want the orders from their eCommerce system to go directly to ShipStation to support their existing workflow of processing orders immediately as they come in.




So, here's the feature request: Add more control of which orders go from DEAR to ShipStation.  


Some ideas. In the following cases, it would prevent the orders from going to ShipStation.

1) There could be a sale order processing setting for the integration with eCommerce systems (e.g., Shopify, WooCommerce) that added a dummy tracking number.  The user could even specify the dummy tracking number on the DEAR integration page, something like specifying the "Sales Representative Name".  For example in the field might be "Prevent orders from going to ShipStation" could be a checkbox, and then when checked, a field would appear "Enter dummy tracking number to be used".  Maybe people have ideas of making this more elegant.

2)  Have a "Pick, Pack and Ship processing mode" of Auto Pick+Pack+Ship+DoNotGoToShippingApp or Auto Pick+Pack+Ship+AddDummyTrackingNumber



**Note: If you also want to see this feature implemented, make sure you "like" this Feature Request, and (optionally) add a comment. DEAR Inventory considers which feature requests to implement based, in part, on user interest/demand in this Feature Request forum.**

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  • We'd like to request similar functionality, but for Shippit (a recently added integration with DEAR).

    Currently it is an all-or-nothing situation with Shippit (and Shipstation) where ALL orders, or NO orders go from DEAR to the chosen fulfillment application.

    The reason we'd like to have control over which orders go down, and which don't, is because some marketplaces arrange their own shipping with their preferred carriers, and supply their own shipping labels to the client. The client is still responsible for shipping the item, but has to conform to the shipping guidelines that the marketplace has provided them in exchange for listing their product.

    A sample workflow is below for a client integrated with Amazon, Shopify, DEAR B2B and other marketplaces:


    The current workaround if all orders go down to Shippit, would be to have a dummy courier service set up in Shippit where the client can allocate all orders that are fulfilled externally of Shippit.

    Ideally we'd be able to use a field such as Sales Rep to be able to set rules and logic around orders from particular channels to be passed down to DEAR. 


    Christine Lee

    Coconut Consulting | DEAR Expert Partner

    Melbourne, Australia

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  • Just bumped into this again with another client.  We really need an automated way to prevent DEAR POS orders from going to ShipStation.  While I have been told to use the workaround solution of adding a dummy tracking number for each of these sales, how exactly would that work?  The user needs to switch from using the cash register DEAR POS app to the web interface, go to the order, and enter the tracking number - all that before ShipStation grabs the new order?  And that's not to mention that the person using the DEAR POS app may not have access to the DEAR backend system.

    This issue needs a solution!  That is, there needs to be setting in DEAR that prevents DEAR POS orders from going to shipping services.



  • Or, if DEAR could pass on the channel which the order was recieved to ShipStation, a ShipStation automation rule to not import the order. 

    Something like this, but for Shopify or whatever market place:


  • I would also like to add a scenario to this request. I have a client using Dear who has a lot of orders that are picked up (Will Call) by their customers. It would be great if a certain carrier selection on a sales order would not sync to ShipStation.

  • Under shipstation, shipstation will mark the following dear orders as waiting to ship:

    authorised, draft, paid

    If shipstation receives an order marked as shipped, it will move that order to the shipped category and no longer be awaiting shipment.

    On the DEAR SIDE, dear is sending all sales orders regardless if it has been picked, packed and Shipped, as PAID. This means Shipstation will see ALL orders as awaiting shipment. 

    This should be a simple fix, i need someone at dear to get this right as this is a major point and easy fix.

    Dear needs to just show any dear sales order that has already been shipped as "shipped" to shipstation. 

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