Feature Request - "Custom Field" in Customer Screen vs. Sales Orders screen

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1. On the Sales Orders screen, the CUSTOM FIELD 1, 2, etc - shows up as the title I have given it (example, TERRITORY). BUT in the Customer Screen, it doesn't. It just shows up as literally "Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2" etc. It is a small detail but would be a huge improvement to user friendliness and consistency! It means my staff could easily filter from the Customer screen by the Custom Fields. As it is now, without a title, it's really hard to remember which is which. It seems like a small design oversight because it's properly mapped in the <B>Sales Screen</B> and comes up with its correct name (ie. TERRITORY).

2. The Custom Attributes that go in this Custom Field for each Customer, do not carry over to the Sales Orders/Invoices. 

For example, one of my Fields is TERRITORY, and the options are NORTH and SOUTH. Each of my Customers' Attributes is assigned one or the other under the TERRITORY Custom Field, to help my warehouse guys see at a glance from the sales screen whats up. 

BUT when the Sales Orders come in, and my warehouse guys see the list of pending orders, the TERRITORY field is empty. Because, I realize now, we need to re-complete this Attribute on EVERY SALES ORDER. And since we are using DEAR POS for a lot of sales, it means someone has to manually enter it from the back end. 

It would be SUPER HELPFUL to have the option to make some of the custom fields a "permanent" field, which carries along with the Customer from order to order, instead of being the dynamic one it is now. 


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