Dear POS - sync Customer Tax Rule from Dear Inventory!!

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We are puzzled why the Customer profile in Dear Inventory allowes and even requires a TAX RULE, but it doesn't sync over to Dear POS like the rest of their info?! In our country, each state has multiple counties and each county has a different sales tax rate. Some clients are also resellers and don't pay tax when buying at wholesale. Other clients do pay the sales tax in their respective counties. 

Please update this ASAP! It's preventing us from moving forward using Dear. We would like to keep our business all with Dear but if someone else provides this solution we will have to give them our money instead. We are currently having to look into Handshake! Help guys! This is a big oversight!

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  • Hi Jordan, 

    We are using DEAR POS, b2b and inventory so also having the same issue. One of our biggest issues is that if a customer exists in DEAR already and lives out of state (purchased from our website for example) but that same customer walks into our retail location. We ring them up in the POS and DEAR won't charge them sales tax because of their address. We can't change this at the point of sale. We want to log in the customer name to keep track of their purchases for warrantees etc.  

    I understand the hierarchy that DEAR uses for sales tax and how complicated this can be. 

    For us what would make the most sense would be to be able to add sales tax at the actual point of sale. 

    Anyhow, we too would like to see this issue resolved. 

    However, I do want to warn you about Handshake. We had a terrible experience. It's a 2 year contract, very expensive and doesn't work that well. It's over priced and the company tricked us into a 2 year commitment without ever mentioning it.  There are others out there, but I wouldn't go with Handshake. 

    Good luck. 

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