dropship purchase orders - display reference to SO number on the purchase order listing page

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For dropship purchase orders, it's very hard for us to find the PO that relates to a particular sale order. we have 3 dropship suppliers right now and an order can have a maximum of 3 dropship POs generated for it and we're already finding it hard, so I  this will just get harder as we add more suppliers and order volume picks up. Right now we end up having to open each individual PO, check the PO order lines and compare it to the SO that we are processing -- this is frustratingly slow and time consuming!

1. could you guys add, like a tree-view, where the top level is the SO number, then clicking on, say, a plus symbol expands that to reveal the relevant POs that are tied to it?

2. alternatively, an easy solution would be to add a column that the user can 'expose' for SO number, so we can immediately see from the list of purchases what SO that dropship PO is tied to.

hope you can at least implement the latter suggestion as a quick fix.

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  • Also, add Advance feature to dropship PO's as supplier might bill separately for different shipments.
    Add dropship filter in Purchase View.

  • Add drop ship and backorder info in purchase view

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