DEAR POS - Only name should be required when adding New Customer

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When entering a new customer via the DEAR POS, the POS user should only be required to enter the customer's name.  Currently, users required to add many of the fields, including all of the address information. 

Other places in DEAR do not require all these fields. And, more importantly, this is a Point Of Sale - it is about speed of checkout, which means as little entry as possible. 

In the USA anyway, almost no businesses ask for all of this information. Businesses are lucky to get a name and email address and/or mobile phone number.  It is very, very rare to give a store your address information.


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  • I too have to agree with Stan. It makes no sense at all that you have to fill in every single field in order to give a customer rewards points. If you stop and ask WHY a retailer offers a customer rewards program-the answer is "to be of service to the customer". We want to be able to keep the conversation going with loyalty rewards and if we have to use (read:waste) their precious time to get all of this information from them,  it defeats the purpose of being "of service".

    Speaking of being of service. To get an answer from engineering that this "feature" is "by design" is not a solution to what we identify as a problem. It is unhelpful. This is a time-consuming and bad design that is not helpful to the user during the checkout process.

    If you are out there evaluating the world of POS systems, please be advised that this system requires you to fill in 10 fields per customer at checkout, even if you only want/need to collect a name and an email address.

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  • +1

    DEAR Support,

    Filling in every field added to the amount of time needed to process the sale. It was honestly faster creating the customer in the DEAR customers screen (with only their name), refreshing POS, and selecting the customer we newly created.

    Our client was asking why the "Add New Customer" field was greyed out, despite having entered a name + mobile number, which is how similar point-of-sale software generally functions. We had to fill in the fields all the way down to "Suburb".

    Address fields are a bit too much for a walk-in customer as they are taking the goods and going - our suggestion would be either name + mobile phone (since those two fields are at the top) or name + email address. It would be important to have at least one of these contact methods in the case of a return/exchange/layby/

    None of the billing/shipping address fields should be mandatory.

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  • I support this 1000%

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