Default Pick/Pack/Ship locations to last known selection

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Hi All,

A simple feature request for your dev team:

 Upon UNDO, an SO's default location for pick pack should be the last location prior to UNDO, and not random, provided that the DEAR setting for "ALL LOCATIONS" is active"

Today, DEAR users are wasting quite a bit of time fixing SO's that we have undone for a minor detail, going into each line (sometimes over 50 lines) to fix the random locations assigned by DEAR after undo. Selection should not be random but based on some logic. Defaulting to the last known value seems like the obvious way to go.

  • this is specifically for UNDO of SO's. Currently, if you UNDO an SO, it will randomly assign locations which have to be changed manually 1 by 1...

  • Agreed, you should also be able to default each product to specify and prioritize how the system auto-picks the products. For example, if you have a product that is stored in multiple locations you should be able to set the default auto pick location. Currently, it is based on the FIFO...

    This doesn't work for people that have inventory that doesn't expire and keeps products in multiple locations for storage purposes. 

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