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Have noticed you've added via the 'Catalog' section for DEAR B2B the ability to set a minimum order number per product when listing on the B2B portal.

It would be great if you were able to set a minimum order value total  for any order processed via the B2B portal, rather than a minimum number of items added to a single order.

i.e no orders less than $220.00 in total value for all products

Please let me know if this is something you'll consider adding.

Thanks for your consideration!

  • Just noticed this today, thanks so much for the quick feature add!


  • Our company uses both Minimum Order Amount as well as minimum order per product. 

    I've noticed the "Minimum to order" field under the Catalog section for some time now but it doesn't appear to do anything, can someone explain to me how it is used and how I am able to apply MOQ to various items? Strangely this feature was announced in the release notes in Dec 2017 but there is no explanation on how it can be used. Direct emails to user support claim this feature is still "In Progress". Very disappointing!

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