Inventory Aging Report to show values

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Inventory Aging is one of the most important reports that a financial manager refers to in order to monitor the value of specific stock items (or groups of stock item types) that have been sitting unsold in one or other location over the last few months.

For this report on Dear to be useful to any financial manager, it has to show the value of items in each of the date range columns. Currently Dear only displays the SKU and the number of items in stock. I am not sure how this is useful, but it is definitely not sufficient and not of any use to a financial manager.

Inventory aging is not available in the accounting platforms like Xero as all of that stock information is held in Dear. There is nowhere else to get this information.


Is it possible to add "Value & Count" as two options in a drop down box on the Inventory Aging Report page so that a user can select whether to see the SKU lines by count or by cost price value (in the base currency of the Dear account)?

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  • +1 to this - would be really useful to have aging by SKU in $ rather than just by units

  • 100% agree, it's important/helpful to easily know the highest value stock items sitting around the longest in your inventory. 

    Current Last Cost Price would be usable/helpful but Last Cost Price relevant to the time period would be best.

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9 people like this idea
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