Removing Discount % and Deal Name if no discount or deal applies

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 Hi Dear

We are hoping there could be a chance to remove the "Show Discount" button that then records "Discount %" and "Deal Name" if no discount or deal applies to a customer.

Having this option on the customer invoice page, would prompt our customers to raise the question of discounts must be available if the button and options are visible.

Customers asking/wanting/requesting discounts or a deal after seeing these options is not ideal.

Has anyone else raised this concern? Do you think this could be a possible option in another roll out phase?

Thank you

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  • I agree.. @Jodie Steen, are you referring to the B2B portal? Or document templates ? Or something else? I agree with having it visible only if it applies - in both modules mentioned above

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  • It's a good idea. When do your customers see the "Show Discount" button? Do you use the sales page as a POS or is it on another page?

    I could build a Chrome Extension that can hide the button when necessary. Please send me a screenshot of where the button shows to I'll put it on the Chrome store so it helps others until Dear gets a chance to look at it ;)

  • I see what you mean. In the POS there is the Discount button.
    What I suggest is to move the "add discount" to the "..." button so that it is hidden from casual viewing but still easy to add.

  • @Daniel Millott - yes in the B2B Portal.


  • Thanks @Timothy Solomon. My apologies for the late response. I have tested the above, and the show discount button has disappeared.
    Thank you very much. It is much appreciated.
    Kind regards


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3 people like this idea
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