Report showing Required by v Actual Ship Date

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I was wondering if there was a way to generate a report which shows the Dispatch Date Required to the Actual Dispatch Date.for an order.

When the admin team enter a customers order into the system, the team enter a date in Required By field (eg: 10/02/2018). The warehouse see the date and know it must leave the warehouse by that date. But for some reason the order leaves on the 13/02/2018. 3 days past its required dispatch date.

Can a report show the date the order has to be dispatched by (the Required By field) and the actual ship date?

I know you can check the Fulfillment screen and stay on top of it ensuring all the orders leave on time but it would be handy to see how the team is performing and having a measurable way of tracking this.

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  • Please add "Ship By" or "Required By" date as a field to the Fulfillment Details Report. Currently one can only select shipping dates for items which were already shipped. 

    This will allow one to date sequence the report results by Ship By date to view outstanding sales and their product breakdowns all in one view. (Alternatively add "Qty Shipped" to the Sales Order Details Report)

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5 people like this idea
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