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I had a problem yesterday when i was pushing items to Shopify. I was uploading product families one at a time which is 15 items in each family. I (inadvertently) must have deleted the family name in the search field for one of the product families before i pressed the start button, just the 15 items were on my list but, as the name had been deleted from the search field, when i pressed start it began to upload every product we have on the system - over 10,000!!! There was no way of stopping the process so i had to spend all afternoon on the backend of our Shopify store deleting every item that shouldn't have been on there as they also AUTOMATICALLY go live on the site :( 

PLEASE can we request urgently a warning that comes up saying something like 'you are about to upload xx items, do you wish to continue?' - this would then have given me the option to stop at this point and save a lot of aggrevation and wasted time.

It would also be useful if we could have the option to upload items to Shopify without them automatically go live as we add descriptions and photos via Shopify so we have to take each one off the live site every time we do the initial uploads.

Many thanks


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