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Is it possible to have different types of email addresses specified (like physical addresses: Billing/Business/Shipping)?

Eg, Sales, Accounts, General email addresses.

We have many customers that order from their front office (Sales) who want a copy of purchases emailed to them to confirm order placement but they don't want/need to receive copies of monthly statements etc. 

Ideally we'd want to be able to isolate who get's accounts email, currently if an email address is on file it's all or nothing.

We'd also want this to flow on to Xero. Possibly an option within DEAR to set primary account contacts which sync to Xero for statements & reminders but in DEAR it keeps "Sales" email address out of Xero so Sales email address are not being chased for overdue amounts.

Currently, having an email address "ticked" within DEAR enables it to be used within DEAR for emailing purposes but it also means it will sync to Xero which means non accounts people are going to receive statements & payment reminders. Some customers are OK with this, most are not.

If you untick them in Xero (to not include in emails) they become unticked in DEAR when next synced then are unavailable for emailing use within DEAR.

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  • I agree. In the same way there is separate sections for the billing address and shipping address, it would be helpful to have separate customer contact and accounts department emails.

    Ideally the emails for the accounts department would be kept with the billing address. Given that almost all invoices are emailed today, having to manually change the email address is an unnecessary waste of time.

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  • Most customers/suppliers we deal with, have a department for each order we process.

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  • We’re currently having the same issues. Would love if this feature was introduced!

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  • Hoping this will become a feature soon!

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  • This feature is absolutely necessary... we have received customer complaints lately which contradict each other (e.g. our customer's Accounts dept complaining about all the despatch notifications they receive, so we untick them from receiving emails; then they complain because they didn't receive the email with the invoice).

    I believe it's a fundamental requirement within DEAR software to be able to manage the types of notification each Customer Contact receives. So that for each contact you can select the types of emails they receive. E.g:

    • Purchasing: for sales order confirmations
    • Warehouse: for shipping notifications
    • Accounts: for invoices & credits
    Other business may need other types as well, please add them in!

    Another point to consider will be how to manage B2C contacts which are created in POS and/or integrated eCommerce sites.

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  • This is so crucial! Daniel outlined very clearly the issues that this creates for customers, and the three different addresses that would be most valuable. Please implement this!

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  • 4 years since this feature was requested and still nothing has been done about it? This is a very common request as it is to be able to send copies of invoices automatically (via workflow or via notifications) to the account team only, but the order being placed by the order/purchases department.

  • I agree that his would be an extremely beneficial feature. please could we have an update.

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