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Hi. We are attempting to close our books on last year and we have realized that every single purchase order with partial receipts remains open. Some have multiple receipts and remain partial, some have a single, partial receipts and some have no receipts.  And besides the obvious option which would be a "close" option, there is no explanation I can find of how to close an order.

Please add an order status "Closed" option.


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  • Have multiple Purchase Orders at receiving status with partial delivery which will not be completely supplied.  How do we cancel those open items on the purchase order and close the Purchase Order

  • Hi DEAR Support,

    Can we follow up on this inquiry please? How do we close Open PO with partial delivery. Thank you.

  • Has there been any solution here?

  • Hi, I was having the same problem but then noticed the 'mark as recieved' button in the drop down menu next to the PO number.


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3 people like this idea
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