CyberSource Migration

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Effective January 2018 Dear switched from Worldpay to CyberSource for payment processing.  If you are a US customer on a monthly billing arrangement be advised  Dear's setup with Cybersource is not configured to process credit cards for all US Banks (e.g., Chase, BB&T, BOA, etc.) and results in a declined transaction that Dear support will blame on your bank. Your bank is unable to fix this, as only Cybersource can control where your card's BIN range is routed for processing.  Unless Dear fixes this, you have no options to reactivate your account other than wiring funds, which also requires a 1 year agreement vs. monthly.  The net effect is they hold you hostage if you are an established customer, vs. resolving their own processing issues. And while hostage, they lock you out of your system as if your company can just go on hold for a few days. It's really a joy, so buyer beware. We're a year in and love the system, but service is sub-par and they don't know how to troubleshoot their own system.  They are excellent at blaming you for their issues.

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