• I've created a Chrome Extension to do this:

    Please try it out and let me know how I can improve it :)

  • I agree with Jonathan Kropf.  The Additional Attributes are great, but easily forgotten or otherwise skipped when not required.  Having a way to make individual Additional Attributes to be required would be great.

    @Timothy Solomon - I will check out your extension!  Thanks!  

    DEAR - I would still rather see it built-in to DEAR so that it is available on any browser and device without needing to install an extension.

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  • +1 - We have a few clients who require some or all of the Additional Attribute fields to be mandatory. Especially with Simple Sale, these fields are sometimes skipped over by sales staff.

    Having a simple toggle button on each of the 10 additional attributes in an attribute set to switch the "Additional Attribute Mandatory" on/off would be my suggestion.

    @Timothy Solomon - we'll also check out your Chrome extension!

    Would be great if DEAR built it in though.

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  • Looks like there is another request for this feature.

    DEAR would you be actioning this soon?? 

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