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Hey guys, this is a big pain for us, when a sale comes through from the b2b portal it has the customer 'portal'. We have a dedicated data analyst going through sales by sales rep, so anything coming through the portal has to be manually parsed out and a sales rep added back in.

All we'd require is for the b2b Portal to respect the pre-existing sales rep in the customer card. Would be unbelievably helpful for us

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  • I think they need an area that has a sales rep list where the sale rep info can be maintained.  Then they appear in the drop down in a sale.  You should be able to invite them to B2B, and more importantly the association across the entire platform is preserved.  Like if they fill an order in on their B2B login, they are the rep for that sale.

    To me it seems like their is no association between B2B sale reps and sale reps when you are logged into Dear itself.  If that is the case, I would just consider that a miss by design and it wasn't exactly thought through how sale reps would interact with the system.  Like even though the sales rep logs into B2B and submits an order for a client, because they aren't associated as the rep for that sale, the reporting by sale rep isn't accurate.

    So far I like B2B though, but things like this could be cleaned up.

  • The following rules applied by B2B portal to determine sale rep name to be used on B2B sale orders:

    1. system tries to take sale rep name from the settings on B2B integration page ( Sales Representative field). If it is not set there - step 2

    2. system tries to take sale rep name from  B2B customer record.  If it is not set there - step 3 

    3. system sets sale rep as Portal Name  set on B2B integration page  

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13 people like this idea
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