Handle separate processing of Shopify website and Shopify POS sales

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It is often the case that Shopify users have a website and also use the Shopify POS.  In cases where Shopify website orders are fulfilled using DEAR (Pick, Pack and Ship in DEAR), this often conflicts with a desire to have Shopify POS orders set to Auto-Pick-Pack-Ship.

A workaround is to have two separate Shopify stores to allow for two separate integrations with DEAR, but that is costly for the DEAR/Shopify user, and labor-intensive to maintain two separate subscriptions.

As such, I would like to propose there be two settings in the DEAR-Shopify integration, namely:

  • Pick, Pack and Ship processing mode for Online
  • Pick, Pack and Ship processing mode for POS

Where in the case I describe above, the settings would be:

  • Pick, Pack and Ship processing mode for Online: No Picking
  • Pick, Pack and Ship processing mode for POS: Auto Pick + Pack + Ship



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  • Hi Stan,

    If you are following this, have you done much comparison between Shopify POS and DEAR POS? 

    I am trying to make this decision for a business myself right now so would be nice to compare notes.


  • Shocking that his has been a feature request for over a year and nothing....

  • Hello again. Just an FYI to those who might be wondering if/when this will be resolved, together with the team at DEAR, we've come up with this temporary yet workable solution. Basically, considering that almost every POS transaction will come through the system without a shipping address unless you specifically choose one during the POS transaction, you can use the SETTINGS>AUTOMATION>WORKFLOW area of your DEAR admin panel to set up a workflow that matches the one shown in the attachment here. Essentially this workflow says that if an order has no shipping address, autopick, autopack and autoship - which closes the order out completely and allows DEAR to deduct the inventory properly for the order. 

    For this to work, you have to have the INVOICE STATUS setting on the Shopify Integration page set to AUTHORISED.

    This is tested and working as of this morning. Keep in mind that if you have any other type of order that you process in your Shopify or DEAR system without using a shipping address, this workflow will also impact those use at your own risk after you consider all the possibilities.

    For us, this solves one of the biggest 'issues' that we had with DEAR. Thanks to their dev team for fixing the bug that was holding this back.

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