Expand the CHAR length of the NOTE string field ( for SOs )

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Attached is the actual text box in question, the NOTE box, on the sales side (see below). Its current limit is 1024 chars. 

This hardcoded string limit is surprising , since many of your customers Fullfill via Amazon, and Amazon batches can have a long list of end-customer Amazon ecommerce orders that in the aggregate surpass this 1024 char limit

Can you please consider expanding to 4,096 chars. ? This seems like a very straightforward request, which is extremely easy to implement and has the potential to improve the experience of all your Amazon customers.



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  • I completely agree with this feature request.  As pointed out by @Kurt, this becomes an issue when having Daily Consolidations from ecommerce channels, because the Note/Comments ("Note" for Simple Sale, "Comments" for Advanced Sale) field is not long enough to include all of the order numbers.  I am actually surprised that this issue has not gotten more attention - and that it has not been addressed.  Where I notice this being a particular issue is when an auto-assembly has been created for a sale with the Shopify order number listed in the comment, for example "Created as an auto-assembly for sale 52810 by Shopify abcCorp order processing." but there is no corresponding order number in the sales module because the order number 52810 go cut off for the Shopify daily consolidation.




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2 people like this idea
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