Add extended quality assurance permissions for Production Module

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DEAR Support,

Please consider adding additional permissions within the Production Module such as:

  • The ability to "draft" and pick goods for an assembly for some users only (eg. an operator).
  • The ability to authorise and/or complete an assembly (permission for factory managers, or users in a quality assurance role)
  • The addition of an "Authorise" step that would come after the "Complete" step, to ensure goods are fit for sale BEFORE they are released into inventory.

Similar features are already available in the Purchase and Sales Modules such as the ability to authorise Sales Orders.

For several companies especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, having more granular permissions is important for quality assurance purposes.

For example:

  1. User "Factory Manager" creates the assembly for the finished goods in DEAR to pass to an operator.
  2. User "Operator" sees what raw materials are available and allocates stock to the assembly, and carries out the production. However, they are not authorised to approve the finished goods.
  3. User "Quality Assurance Manager" tests the final assembled goods put together by the "Operator" and checks the correct materials have been used. If the goods pass testing, the finished goods can be approved into stock by this user.

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  • This would be great to have an option for most manufacturing businesses.  In particular, I am encountering needs for this in the food industry.

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4 people like this idea
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