Increase Inventory Catalog Size for Printing Price Lists & Catalogs Above 1000 SKUs

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Currently, Dear is limited to 1000 total SKUs for generating price lists and catalogs, and will cut off after 1000 SKUs.  Please increase the catalog size beyond 1000 SKUs.  This is critical for businesses operating with more than a 1000 products. 

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  • With DEAR's capacity to handle many more products this limitation is particularly onerous, especially since there is currently no functionality to print the next 1000 products. Even adding batch exporting functionality to the Print Price List feature would improve its usability and allow users to properly generate Price Lists/Catalogues of their products.

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  • Agreed. It's been a major disruption here in our business.  It's a good idea to add functionality to print the next 1000 products if they don't want to increase the single catalog size.  This way we could merge the 2 parts.

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4 people like this idea
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