Option to bulk import list of "Different Company Addresses"

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I have a client who does corporate gift giving for their products. They can receive an order for 100 of their products, with instructions to have one of each sent to a list of 100 addresses.

It is great that you can use Advanced Sale in DEAR to break up a single order to send to different addresses.   You can do multiple fulfillments, each fulfillment having its own Ship to Different Company option, while still having a single invoice for the order.

Where this could get better is to have an option to bulk import a list of "different company addresses".  After all the customer has already has the list of address in a spreadsheet sent a part of the original order.  It would be great it that spreadsheet imported to DEAR to avoid re-keying (or tons of copy-and-pasting) of orders into DEAR.



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  • I have another prospect for DEAR that needs this feature and may need to elsewhere because it does not exist.

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