Show Fulfillment Numbers in Sales Order Reports/Sale Screen

started a topic almost 3 years ago

It would be great if we could have a report that contains details of Sales Orders broken up by fulfillments, or a way of viewing fulfillments per order in the Sale List (All Sales screen)

We would like to know which fulfillments have shipped (where an order has multiple fulfillments) and how many orders are in progress at a given point in time. The Sale screen does not show individual fulfillments unless you click into the order itself, so there is no easy way of checking how many fulfillments an order has been split into.

Items that have been backordered for a long period of time means parts of certain orders cannot be fulfilled, and so the pick will either be saved as a draft or not started yet.

Since the Advanced Sales module was added, we do have the option to pull the Fulfillment number onto document templates, but this is not yet available on reports.

My other suggestion would be for a box that showed on-hover or a collapsible box that toggled on/off available in the Sale List (perhaps when hovering over the yellow truck icon) which had a summary of how many fulfillments were on an order and the status of each fulfillment. This feature could be turned on or off in settings (as it may annoy some users).

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4 people like this idea
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