Add Custom Pick/Pack/Ship Memo Fields to capture additional fulfillment information

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DEAR Support,

We would like to request the ability to add a custom text field to the Pick, Pack and Ship screens to add in additional information on a per-fulfillment basis. Similar to the Order Memo.

We have had a number of clients who have the requirement of adding custom delivery notes or picking/packing instructions on a per-fulfillment basis. For example, a furniture store that makes custom sized tables, chairs and sofas, and also keeps stock of smaller, stock items such as cushions and lamps.

An advanced order is raised for the following:

1 x Custom Made Red Leather Sofa

4 x Floral Cushions

1 x Table Lamp

The sofa will take 4 weeks to make, so that will be placed on backorder, but the customer wants the in-stock cushions and lamp to be shipped now.

Fulfillment #1 is started, and this includes the 4 cushions + 1 table lamp. This will be shipped to the customer via a local courier. The courier needs instructions on the Delivery Docket (eg. "Please collect signature on delivery") which would be entered in the [Shipping Memo] for Fulfillment #1.

Fulfillment #2 cannot be picked at the moment, because the sofa has not been constructed yet. However, when it arrives and the order fulfillment commences, this fulfillment will have different delivery instructions attached to it for a different carrier ("eg. "Please call customer 1 hour before delivery, sofa must be taken upstairs"). This information would be entered in the [Shipping Memo] for Fulfillment #2.

Ideally we would be able to pull these "Fulfillment Memos" as merge fields onto printable documents and templates in DEAR. Our current workaround for the above scenario is to use the Tracking Number field to capture these order instructions, but the client may want to use that field to put an actual tracking number from a shipping company.

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  • This would be a great addition.  And easy to add to DEAR? :-)  

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