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We are welcoming all users to post suggestions here regarding shipping calculator within our B2B portal. Any recommended 3rd party shipping providers etc. 

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  • Interaction! Nice!

    For me it's basic :

    + Shipping rates calculated by weight

    + Shipping rate calculated by volume

    But the best option is shipping rate by Volumetric Weight

    Thanks it's really nice to have you guys brainstorming with us on features.

    Cheers :-)

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  • The option to add a "Handling Fee" of a set amount (or variable by order quantity/price) would be useful or a fee if they choose a shipping service that has pickup charges or international customs documentation charges.  Maybe an option to mark specific items as "oversized".  

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  • Great to see Dear are looking into this. Definitely need to be using Volume with shipping calculators. Very strange this data isn't already available within Dear's Ship module (Dear overall, not just the B2B portal). It would also be great if this Ship data could be communicated via API so manual integrations could be set up with any shipping providers with online portals.... There really needs to be a lot more flex with this for automation > efficiency > more satisfied customers > more happy Dear users :)

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  • Hi Daniel, We will also be looking to add the cost calculator within our fulfillment model in DEAR Inventory so that’s coming probably in parallel to the B2B shipping calculator.

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  • Great to know, and looking fwd to it. thanks Mike!

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  • Shipping calculators based on API from USPS, FedEx, would be the most important for us. Many other clients will probably ask for UPS also. But those major three will pretty much cover 99% of needs in the United States. For some who ship internationally DHL might be handy.

    That all said, you already have a close integration with ShipStation. I'm pretty sure you can just simply pull shipping quotes from ship stations API which would probably be very effective. Then you don't need to maintain the integrations with USPS, FedEx, and UPS but only a single integration with ShipStation. I only mention this because the easier it is to implement and maintain the more likely you will implement

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  • Ability to mark up or mark down API reported shipping rate from the three major carriers would be very handy. For example, ground shipments quoted price do not include cost of pickup, fuel surcharges, and all of the other surcharges which typically round up to around 30% of whatever ground fees normally are. So I typically mark up around 30% to get to a realistic cost in comparison to FedEx Express.

    I've run into situations in the past where I really wanted to simply add $50 to whatever the shipping cost was reported by the API. The reason for this is a vendor with a fixed shipping cost for some portion of the bundle, this is not unlike a handling fee but it would be on a per item basis, essentially a markup to the calculated shipping rate per item's typically separate from handling fee which most put blanket across all shipments

    For some products such as a furniture item or something that must go freight, it may be desirable to simply have a fixed cost to shipping but only for that item, and ignore shipping quotes for that item.

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  • We calculate shipping by country and minimum order value. Thanks for adding this feature!

  • We have a need to set shipping rates by zip/postal codes, and then by weight/volume of the package.

    This was easy to set up on our Woo store using this excellent plugin. What is brilliant about it is it allows the user to set conditional logic which handles any combination of three metrix - Cart, User (Customer) and Product. 

    Although Woo has now built some of these features into their core offering, I think that the conditional logic in the above plugin will make Dear best practice for a long time.

    See attached screenshot of what can be included in the conditional logic set up for anyone using the plugin...

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  • Volume for us and the ability to integrate our carriers API file so we can mark up or down the shipping rate from our carriers.

    Also the ability to choose the best freight option would be ideal (eg: AUSPOST, Direct Freight, Couriers Please like you would if you were using shipit or ship station). Little optimistic I know but think it would assist many business which use many different carriers.

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  • I've used the Shippo API and it's amazing and quick to integrate.  I'd highly recommend them for shipping calculations and fulfillment (you could even use it to ship directly from Dear which would be amazing.)

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  • Shippo is good. 

    We use Flagship for wholesale in Canada.

  • We would need to calculate shipping by weight and UK postcode.

    Integrations with and 

    Philip's comment above about Conditional Logic makes a lot of sense.

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  • We have released Shipping Zones feature in DEAR. You can now configure your shipping rates and enable this method them on B2B portal setup as needed. Next step we are working on is to integration with ShipStation to get rate estimates from your connected carriers if you have ShipStation account.

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