Sent to Ship Station after Ship Step Option not Invoice Step

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We very commonly sell items without knowing what the shipping cost will be and want to be able to add that after we know the Amount. The problem with the current integration is that to get an order to ship station we much complete the invoice step first, this means either guessing at the shipping cost or using a calculator which is not always accurate and time consuming. The alternative method is to complete the invoice step to get the order to go to ship station then after it is shipped go back and undo the order in Dear and re-authorize all the steps to get back to an editable invoice step where the shipping can be added. This is very cumbersome!

If there were an option to send to Ship Station after the ship step was complete then we could simply Authorize that step then ship the product and add the shipping cost to the invoice prior to Authorizing that step.

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  • This seems like how it should work and not the other way around. Most of the time we pass through shipping costs so we need to know the cost before invoicing not after.

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2 people like this idea
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