Barcode Scanner Interface Improvement

started a topic about 3 years ago

There are some simple improvements that could be added to the barcode scanning interface that would be really helpful.

1) Currently, the modal that pops when you select "Scan barcode," covers up the lines that are being created when you scan items. So you can't see the product added to the list in real time and the quantity increasing. 

2) As you scan new barcodes lines are added to the bottom of the list in the "Non-Zero" or "Zero" sections. Eventually, the list will grow so that it drops off the bottom of the page. When this happens you can no longer see lines being added. If they were added to the top of the list instead it would be very easy to see what is happening.

If anyone else has ideas I'd love to hear them and discuss to help the devs make the barcode process as visually functional as possible.

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  • I agree the scanning layout is very poor and needs a redesign so you can see the order to be picked and a area/section so you can see the items being scanned
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