Add integration to Amazon Japan (

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I have a prospect who would like to have this.

Consider adding support for all of the Asia regions for the Amazon Global Marketplaces.

Amazon Asia (Japan) (China) (India)

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  • Second that!

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  • Need this urgently!

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  • Amazon Japan mainly

  •  How hard can it be?


  • This is becoming mission critical for a high volume business I am working with.  Lacking integration is going to be an issue and we would prefer not to need to develop a workaround for this.


  • Hi Everyone!

    We have added Belgium, Poland, Japan and India marketplaces to be connected with Core.

    This will be released over the coming weekend (2023/08/13).

    As for Amazon China, we don't see this in their list of countries, however, we will investigate this further.

  • Great news!  Thank you for the update posted to this feature request!!

  • Regarding China, there is definitely an Amazon China marketplace so one would think it would be available for their integration.  Please do keep us updated on that.

    Thanks again,


  • HI Stan!

    I rechecked this with our partner manager from Amazon and this is the reply we got.

    "It looks like there is no marketplace ID for China as there is no marketplace in China. There are, however, sales teams helping Chinese Sellers sell in other marketplaces such as US, EU etc. ".

    Unfortunately, without a market place ID, we are not able to proceed further with this.

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