Applying Surcharges in DEAR POS Sales (and Invoices)

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Given the DEAR user base is typically Wholesale, Light Manufacturing with some Retail, it is often or likely that customers paying by card will need to incurr a surcharge. 


DEAR does not have this ability in their DEAR POS or when making payments on DEAR Invoices.


In most cases the surcharge is known at time of payment, not at time of the creation/approval of invoice, which can be problemactic for a Xero approved invoice with existing payments attached.


Examples of common surchages;

1.5% surcharge for using Mastercard or VISA

2.0% surcharge for using AMEX or Diners International

$25 surcharge for rush on postage and handling

5.0% surcharge for Sunday and Public Holiday sales


Surcharges should be applied to orders as either a

i) Dollar Surcharge or

ii) Percentage Surcharge


We understand the Dollar Surcharge could be added as a service line item, but currently DEAR POS doesn't allow to be price to be overriden.

Surcharges are not always a fixed price.

Quick Sale is the workaround, however because this is free text it is going to create a new service product each time with default settings.


To apply a surcharge amount on whole order in DEAR POS:

1. Enter the sales transactions as usual.

2. Click the "Discount" link.

3. Alter the slider from Discount to Surcharge (Discount is the default)

4. Alter the slider to % or $ (% is the default)

5. Enter the percentage of surcharge (or dollar amount if $ was selected in step 4.)

Note: The label of Discount is now changed to Surcharge


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  • Meanwhile check my workaround to avoid creating new service each time in tips & tricks. OR You could instead add a discount for other means of payment instead.

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  • Oh... I know it works in Shopify POS, not sure it would work in DEAR POS, if you try can you let us know?


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  • I think the missing gap here is the % of sale. Surcharges are usually a % of sale.  Adding a service line item or Quick Sale is good, but the customer still has calculate and put the whole amount in.  It would be nice to do at the payment page.

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  • Hi guys, 

    This surcharge is needed ASAP. Please let us know if you need any further information to implement this. 



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