Add 'New Order This Customer' button accessible from the Customer Window

started a topic about 3 years ago

Would be helpful to have a button in the Customer Data Entry window that creates a new order, immediately taking you to the Order screen and auto-filling the 'current' customer info for the new order.

And, vice-versa, would be nice to be able to ping-pong back and forth between the current order window and the (respective) customer window. Quite often I'll start up a new order for the customer, only to have them say, 'what did I order last time'. Not a problem if I've cloned their latest order (the clone feature is awesome, by the way!), but if not, I have to open a new tab, or save the current order, go search for the customer, then look up their last order, then go search again for their 'current order'. 

A button that would switch between the current customer order and the customer data entry would be very handy.

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1 person likes this idea
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