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As it is now, in order to take a customer's card info over the phone, we have to create an invoice PDF, open the PDF, click on the 'Pay Now' button, click on the 'Pay With Stripe' button, and enter the card info and the email address of the customer. Often, customers are ready to give us their card info long before we are able to enter it into the payment window.

It would be far quicker and more streamlined, if we could simply access the Stripe Payment Gateway dialog box (or whatever Gateway a DEAR user was employing) directly from the Invoice window. A 'Pay Now' button right on that window could do it.

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  • Yes, I couldn't agree more and I believe this is currently in the works to be released soon according to the latest release notes.  However, it will be backed by Stripe, which will obviously work but having the option to use square for this purpose would be ideal as well. From what I understand from Square is that they are opening up an API for third-party integrations such as this. Would love for that to be added.

  • Actually, I just read that Dear will be rolling out its own payment platform instead, however what I have read about it actually seems pretty horrible. The application process will take many days or more to complete and the payouts will take an unacceptable amount of time, 10 days to pay out any payments under 10 thousand and if it is over 10 thousand then it gets far worse; 10 days for just 50% with the balance not transferring for another 21 days. !0 days is too long already but  that's over a month to be fully paid. That could never work and its not competitive at all. 

    This is unfortunate because we were looking forward to this feature but under these conditions it will not be usable at all. If Dear wants people to use their payment platform they need to understand businesses need access to their money fast and at a competitive rate. 

    In today's credit card processing world, with the likes of Stripe, Square and Paypal, the signups are quick and easy (most times same day) and the payouts are fast. With Stripe the payout is 2 days and with Square the funds are available early next morning. Dear Payments will need to be comparable to these services for the payment service to be viable especially in the US.

    Hopefully Dear will improve this service because we would certainly like to use it and want Dear inventory to be the best platform it can be.  

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