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Please create sub-categories for products.

every good online store has the option of searching for a categorie, then a sub heading, so that you can compare products across a range of similar items.

by using tags as suggested by Dear, ladder "accessories" will be displayed in the same group as electric tool "accessories".

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  • This is essential, I hope this is planned for the future!

  • Please implement this, it is essential for reporting purposes

  • i can't believe it's not an option yet, done properly, 

    - it makes it easier for training staff finding product etc

    - better for reporting (what categories are under performing, will require staff training to be more aware of a category)

    - better for pricing rules (mens>shirts = c+50%, but mens>pants=c=60%)

    - better for warehousing and showroom locations 

    - better for website 

    a) want hand tools>spanners/sockets/pliers/shifters/hammers... but brand & or details like "insulated" could be a "tag") 

    b) want Ladders>Platform/Single Sided/Double Sided/extension/Single but alluminuim and fibreglass can be "tags"

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  • This would be an amazing add.

  • How do we implement subcategories somehow in DEAR? 

    We are using Woocommerce and the flat layer categories are kind of getting out of control.

  • Using Woocommerce and making sub-categories in Woo works fine.

    Issue is that when updating product info from DEAR the products is moved back to the DEAR category so I have manually put it back to the sub-category in Woo.

    Should at least be an option to not update categories from DEAR to Woo.

    To just have a single category makes things out of control for clients to search for products, and we can not have a ton of specified top categories.

    Quickfix:  Make DEAR not update categories in Woo unless choice is made.

    Long term: Make sub-categories possible in DEAR that communicate with ecommerce like Woo or others.

  • Hello!

    In DEAR we allow 4 levels of product categories. Yes, the product category levels in DEAR may not as good as what is in Woo, however, this is the current limit.




    Additional attributes

  • Such a simple fix! Hurry up and implement this Dear!
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