Show Thumbnails of Images on Products/Images and Attachments Tab

When editing a product, and navigating to the Images and Attachments tab, it just provides a textual list  of links to the images. Each one must be opened and viewed separately and individually to see what images are all attached,  possibly find one that is out of date and change it or update it, etc.

And makes for a very cumbersome user experience. Could you PLEASE simply display  the images and attachments as thumbnails, that can be clicked on to blow up, possibly edit filename and Alt text for Seo purposes,  or simply delete that image.

Add a small thumbnail of default image to the top left or right of the product editing page.

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  • Yes this would be highly valued. If you have multiple images per SKU, you have to open each image to see what the image is.

    It would be great if you could toggle between 'Details' and 'Icon' or 'Image' view, similar to how you can in File Explorer.

  • Another feature request to make viewing Product images simpler:

    Include a thumbnail of the default product image attachment within the page itself.
    Like this:


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