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 Wanting to get an e-signature feature implemented somewhere for all types of sales.

Wanting to go paper-free. This would save us and our customers a lot of time.

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  • This is SUCH a must!!
    I am really surprised this is yet to be implemented, it is literally the only thing stopping us to go paper free.

    We do audits outside of the office and need to collect signatures for the authorization of a sale and right now it has created a big process with having to get it on paper, scan it and upload it...

    I Hope this gets more votes.

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  • Could you elaborate in more details how the process would look like step by step


  • Hi,

    Yes can you please advise if there is an external app that integrates into DEAR that would do so, since this functionality is not natively available?


    In terms of step by step process, it would be:

    1) Order received from customer and is picked by warehouse

    2) Delivery takes place to customer, customer signs delivery note (this is where the digital signature on phone or ipad comes into play)

    3) Signed delivery note pdf is attached to the transaction back into DEAR

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11 people like this idea
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